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Day 42 Charters Towers

It was a day for pottering -laundry, shopping, smoko, shopping, finding interesting buildings, icecream, cocktails (bottle of cider), visit Tower Hill then dinner (chicken salad).

I was trying to find a lighweight blouse and some replacement plastic sandals but struck out but the fashions didn’t suit me. Titleys seems to have been like Polites in Adelaide, the name appears on buildings and shops everywhere here. I also checked out an antiques and collectables market and walked past The Old Miner’s Hut which had all kinds of rusted bits and pieces outside.

There are very impressive buildings around town, it’s obvious it was very prosperous during the Gold Mining era and people are still fossicking around the area hoping to find a big nugget. Our neighbours were out today with a metal detector and very excited to have found two old metal buttons and an unfired bullet casing.

There is a walk up to Tower Hill – no impressive old stone tower, it’s littered with communication towers – but we decided to drive up instead. There are old mines, World War 2 bunkers and old gold processing plants. Maybe tomorrow we’ll check out the walk.

Although not all sites are nicely shaded the Caravan Park owners have put a lot of effort into making the grounds attractive. Apostle Birds, Rainbow Lorikeets and different types of doves are about every day.

I almost forgot about the exciting time we had at the Dog Park! When we arrived there were about eight big dogs in there for some kind of training session. I wasn’t sure about taking Fergus in there until the trainer asked us to come in and after a while I felt confident enough to let him off. He had a wonderful time racing around the park with the big dogs after him but unable to catch him, it was fun for all of them. When he needed a breather he ran under someone’s legs. At one stage he told Alfred, a Blue Heeler, to get lost and he did. The trainer seemed impressed.

The Prado Pilot is excelling himself utilising the skills he learnt when training for his Mt Isa Certificate in Navigation, even recognising when Madam GPS is trying to lead him astray!