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Day 44 Charters Towers to Hughenden

There was a lot of movement from the Caravan park this morning including one side of neighbours, I hoped they wouldn’t be our neighbours again! Their AC with it’s vent on our side was going day and night even when the couple were off away somewhere.

The road from Charters Towers to Hughenden was busy, sometimes with lines of caravans and cars holding up semi-trailers and road trains. We stopped to buy a drink at a funny little Post Office/house at Pentland. Usually when you drive through a town the businesses are obvious with advertising and shop fronts clearly visible from the road. Pentland seemed different with only the Hotel obvious. The Post Office was like a home with lots of trees and shrubs out the front but at the front gate you could see the Post Office sign. It was also a General Store.

Prairie was the next small town with lots of quirky stuff around, the Pub had old equipment out the back and saddles on “hitching rails” out the front. We didn’t go in but I”m sure there was also plenty to see inside. Judging by a road sign Prairie isn’t as isolated as it appears.

About 25 kms east of Hughenden we saw a Windfarm and then acres of Solar Panels and a substation. Only one wind turbine seemed to be working so I guess there was plenty of power coming from the solar panels.

We’re set up in the Hughenden Caravan Park, the managers probably know who is going where in some of the sites but certainly didn’t in our area, it was a metter of finding an empty site. We decided we wanted to be in the shade of a big tree but in the afternoon as the sun moved we were quite exposed. Maybe next time we’ll be able to get a spot with our towbar pointing south, that will give us most shade where we want it. We’re here for three days, today was 34 deg.

We went to the pub and enjoyed a nice meal. Fossiker Pete and Jenny are here in the Park but it was in “town” that we saw them and had a good chat. They came here for 5kgs of Cheese and Vegemite flavoured sausages from the Flinders Butcher Shop but were disappointed they only had Sweet Chilli and Cheese! Their grandkids in Tassie will be disappointed.