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Day 46 Hughenden

Fergus’ photo session yesterday for the Petasaurus Gallery at the Discovery Centre doesn’t seem to have turned his head, he interacted with the general public in his usual friendly way today. As I took him for his morning mini-walk around the Caravan Park I noticed a bright pink van I think will be familiar to many people. I’m not sure who owns this park but there is certainly a LOT of accommodation I’d say is aimed at FIFO workers. The Amenities Block and Camp Kitchen is like new over near the dongas (Atco Huts) etc. There’s quite a contrast between that accommodation and the cabins aimed at the general public.

We drove out on the Flinders River Byway and saw a kangaroo, the first for ages, also a flock of Black Cockatoos stripping a tree. There were beautiful big Eucalypts along the banks of the Flinders River but no sign of any water.

I think we found a source of many old fence posts, heaps of Gidgee Trees and also lots of Ironbark Trees.

The ingenuity of ordinary people often surprises me and today there were a few things, one was the Station marker made from old chains.

The Prairie Hotel was our lunch venue and we were the only customers unlike the hot day we drove through on the way to Hughenden when cars and caravans were parked all around it and people were sitting out the front drinking. There was one other person around, “Barefoot Bill” who has been living in his caravan out the back but was off to help at the Muttaburra Races. He thought he’d be back in about a week to help out at the Prairie Races. Alex enjoyed his big pie and I had a nice salad then we headed back to the Windmill Cafe in Hughenden for dessert. I had Passionfruit Cheesecake!!!!!! It’s the first place we’ve found that actually caters for Coeliacs and we didn’t find it until today, I have another treat in the fridge now to last me a couple of days.

Almost at sunset we went out to see a big old Coolibah Tree that was “blazed” by explorers and also people searching for them. Bark has healed around the blaze so it was difficult to make out anything but it’s supposed to be “renovated”.

We’re booked into the Tattersalls Hotel camping area in Winton for two nights but will probably stay for a third night if the setting is OK. Maybe we’ll even check out the Dinosaur Stampede. We’re heading south-west that means officially we’re on the way back home.