Some places we've been and some places we're going.

After a cold night – 5 deg minimum – we packed up and set off for Winton. The road was quiet until we stopped at Corfield when several other travelers caught up with us at the Picnic Spot. It had been windy all along and it must be a common feature because the toilet paper in the facilities was held firmly in place with rubber bands to stop it all unraveling. The town consists of a Pub (closed) racecourse and tennis court but apparently when there are community events everyone from round about comes into “town” especially for the “Corfield Cup”.

We arrived in Winton about lunchtime and the pub was busy, there are at least three pubs here but our camping site is maintained by the Tattersalls Hotel and had the best reviews. It’s basic but there are trees and it’s within walking distance of town.

Although Hughenden claimed to be the “Dinosaur Capital of Australia” Winton seems to make the same claim and I suspect if we went to Muttaburra that town would too. The town is made attractive with murals

and sculptures etc. Banjo Patterson and Waltzing Matilda are celebrated here.

We have to complete a Cross Border Travel Declaration and I’ve tried tonight but before I’d managed to submit the form there was an issue, an apology and a suggestion I try again later. Alex says we might be looking for jobs in Qld. I’m absolutely certain there would be work available cleaning toilets in a Caravan Park somewhere!

Comments on: "Day 47 Hughenden to Winton" (4)

  1. Love the sheep, very clever.
    Its a wonder that some sod hasn’t stolen the toilet paper.
    Good luck with filling out the paper work.
    Your next jabs must be due soon. It sounds like they are encouraging people to get the second jab quicker. I am getting concerned for the younger ones.
    We went to Winton many years ago. It looks like every town has some mural or art that identifies what the main reason of it being on the map.

    • The toilet paper holder was padlocked! It’s mind blowing that it should be necessary. I love the art work in these places.

  2. I remember an old fashioned picture theatre in winton. I looked it up and its open in the hot months. There was a wall that had things like motor bikes and probably kitchen sinks embedded into it.

    • You’re right on both counts. The theatre is showing some Chips Rafferty movie tonight, we weren’t tempted though. We watched, “Red Dog” in the Broome outdoor theatre and I don’t think we could top that.

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