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Day 48 Winton

When we were walking towards the Information Centre this morning we saw two horses pulling a Landau. Tours around the town were available so we decided we’d take the opportunity to find out about the town and do it in style.

We heard about many interesting spots including the various pubs and which group of people patronised which pub back in the old days. Teamsters etc drank at the Tattersalls Hotel, the railway workers had their pub down by the railyards, general public went to the Australian and the toffs went to the North Gregory Hotel. The Winton Club was where the QANTAS company was first formed and to mark the centenary of QANTAS the board meeting was held in the same room there.

After our jaunt in the Landau we went to see the remains of Willie Mar’s garden.

An opal miner named Arno Grotjahn started building a wall with items he picked up at the dump and rocks he brought back from his mine. The wall is quite amazing.

Need a toothbrush, a power board or maybe a pair of socks? Searles is the place to visit.

There are giant marbles and rounded rocks in lots places around town, someone has been creative with this one.

Our tour guide this morning pointed out the perfect place for a sunset photo so we went there to see if he was right.