Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Today was a long day in the saddle and my butt knows it!

As expected there was quite the Dawn Chorus and almost at the same time a truck left the Station, then motorbikes and finally the helicopter lifted off. It was time for more mustering.

We thought we remembered the road but the “good section” refused to appear. The Bulldust was terrible and we felt very sorry for the cyclists who had to endure the dust with every passing vehicle regardless of direction. I didn’t know it was possible for tarmac to appear as a mirage but it did!

We took a mini-break at Arthur Creek, the Ghost Gums are majestic. Arthur Creek is very close to Jervois Station where we stayed some weeks ago. Often the only way you know that you’ve moved from one station to another is the small sign at a cattle grid.

I hoped we’d be able to camp at the base of Harts Range but the tracks to the camping area we expected to find led us only to “NO ENTRY” signs so we had to drive back out to the “highway” and continue for another 70 kms or so to Gemtree.

Like the other places we’ve returned to, Gemtree is much quieter this time around.

Comments on: "Day 53 Tobermorey to Gemtree" (1)

  1. The country is certainly empty, and where you are is very different from where Janine and Warren live. Cathy has purchased a mobile home and is going to try that when going to Tasmania. She would be interested in your travels . The weather is still cold and miserable.

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