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Day 54 Gemtree to Alice Springs

Many times when we’re driving we pass the brown signs which point out features of interest, sometimes they’re very disappointing like to marker for some politician who was involved in a road upgrade. We had plenty of time to reach our destination today so decided to check out a brown sign, the name on it was very familiar to me but I can’t remember the context.

We drove along the Plenty Highway from Gemtree to the Stuart Highway and were both shocked by the line up of traffic, caravans, cars and trucks travelling north. The thought of a constant flow of such traffic was overwhelming because even though we’d be going in the opposite direction we’d have to be constantly alert, ready to deal with suicidal overtaking manoeuvres. Luckily it was a minor glitch, the lead car was holding everyone up but once they’d passed through there wasn’t much traffic.

The Caravan Park didn’t admit anyone before 12:30 so we filled in some time at the Araluen Art Centre. There is a cafe and Alex was able to get a Ham, Salami, Swiss Cheese and Spinach Panini, luckily I didn’t see it before it arrived or I would have fallen off the GF wagon! My muffin looked feeble beside his “snack”.

I’m glad we’ll still be here on Saturday because I’ll be able to see some special vehicles move out of the Caravan Park.