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Day 55 Alice Springs

Today after a little bit of shopping ā€“ how is dog supposed to go to sleep at night without his Milky Stick? – we checked out a little park we haven’t seen before. It had an impressive statue of John MacDouall Stuart, the explorer. While we were there a man came up with another Westie, it was a previous camping neighbour.

On the way back to the car I spotted a beautiful Sturt Desert Pea in someone’s garden.

When I was looking at the map I noticed there were some rock carvings only about 20 kms away (No mention was made of road upgrades, detours and bulldust) so we went off to find them. A little way out of town is the Alice Springs Airport and what we saw there SHOCKED us. It shows the impact Covid is having on the airline industry.

As we drove along it seemed odd that there would be any rock carvings in what appeared to be flat country but then we saw an outcrop in the distance. The site isn’t hilly as I had anticipated.

The Ewanginga Rock Carvings were made with very simple tools and the messages they convey are deliberately unclear. This region was for men only.

There are attractive little grasses and some flowers in amongst the shrubs.

Because the carvings are in a Conservation area we couldn’t take Fergus in so Alex sat and waited while I walked the loop. He was rewarded by having a Budgie busying itself in and out of its nest, a hollow in a tree about shoulder height only a few metres from him.

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