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Archive for August 14, 2021

Day 56 Alice Springs

I think a couple of hours disappeared this morning organising things like sites and a border pass. Despite meeting the criteria at the time we filled in the form online we were refused entry to SA because the whole of Queensland was declared a restricted zone before our request was processed.

After reapplying we have approval to return but we can’t enter SA before the 25th.

We’ve now managed to book a couple more days here at the Tourist Park and a serendipitous chat with a couple who were going to cancel their booking at the Temple Bar RV Park about 10 kms out of Alice, means we’ve been able to slip into their cancellation. No other sites were available. I hope there are no more lockdowns etc before we get home.

Three of the Chamberlain tractors moved out today, the fourth has a truck engine and can travel faster so it’s giving the others a head start and is still here.

We had brunch “in town”, went to the Tourist Office for information on places we can visit with Fergus, basically nowhere. There are several places we can take him but he needs to stay in the Carpark and as we’re not willing to leave him there alone while we go off walking, admiring the scenery etc those places are off our agenda. There is an off leash Dog Park here but it’s not fenced so we’ve decided Alice Springs area isn’t actually dog friendly. We walked along the Todd River past the Convention Centre, Casino etc. There were yellow markers at several points which turned out to be showing capped bores, it’s hard to imagine water flowing out of any because the river is so dry.

After our walk we called into Montes for a cool drink before coming back to camp.

There are some cheeky birds here, Miners I think, and also some beautiful Port Lincoln Parrots. The Galahs were near the Todd Mall.