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Day 58 Alice Springs

Wash the clothes, have “breakfast” at Stumps Cafe, wash the dog at a Doggy Wash, check out some murals then have a refreshing drink at Uncle’s Bar in the Diplomat Hotel, swap some books at the Caravan Park bookshelf. That sums up our day.

Of course, travelers are talking about the latest shutdowns and changing rules. I think we left Queensland at the right time, I don’t need to worry about Covid related text messages from there now.

Photos today are nearly all murals.

We went looking for a sculpture of a Perentie, the largest goanna native to Australia and the fourth largest lizard in the world. I was disappointed in its location in the middle of a roundabout rather than in a more natural setting.

Tomorrow we move to the Temple Bar RV Park, it’s about 10 kms out of Alice and I hope we’ll be able to find some nice places to walk with Fergus.