Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Today we only moved about 10 kms, it means a change of scenery and as it happens a cheaper site though we didn’t know that until we arrived. It’s the first time in all our camping experience that we’re being charged for the electricity we use rather than a flat rate.

Since we arrived this morning two lots of campers have upped stumps and made a run for the border because of the worsening Covid situation but we’ve since heard that today there has been a 2hr wait at Marla for processing. For the moment Kulgera is considered the NT border for those coming north and Marla the border for those heading south so I guess that means there’s a 220km stateless stretch in between. We expect to enter SA on 25th August unless we’re notified of a change to our permit.

Temple Bar RV Park is set against a rocky range we think is part of the MacDonnell Ranges which makes for a lovely campsite backdrop. I wouldn’t want to be here though if there was any earth movement because there are some boulders in very precarious positions.

There are plenty of birds in the area, Crested Pigeons, Galahs and Budgies but in the campgrounds Noisy Miners seem to rule.

We went back into Alice Springs this afternoon and Fergus had his first experience of shopping at Bunnings.

Comments on: "Day 59 Temple Bar via Alice Springs" (5)

  1. Love pic of Fergus shopping at Bunnings. Just imagine his joy if there was a sausage sizzle. You look great Sue, travelling in a warm climate suits you. Going to be 20 degrees here tomorrow, warming up until rain and 14 degrees on Monday.

    • I did think about Fergus and the Sausage Sizzles, thank goodness there wasn’t one when we were there or I’d have been dragging him away.

  2. Alice Springs country side is always spectacular. Some of the rocks do look precarious. I loved the budgie in the tree. Dressed in sandals and 3/4 pants . I am wearing socks,long pants, singlet shirt and jumper. It has been sunny for a change. Did Fergus find anything he liked in Bunnings? Bella had a lovely time playing with two dogs this morning at the neighbours. It would make more sense to let you back in and then quarantine home. With the way it is out of control in NSW and people disobeying . Having no thought may give it to

  3. Great trip to Bunnings for Fergus and you Sue! Both looking very smart, good photo.
    Background of that photo of the area around the camp does look geologically striated with petty huge rocks. I’m amazed at the caravan parks’ busy state!
    Best wishes getting back across the border.

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