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Day 61 Temple Bar

Morning light

Conversations around us are all variations on one topic – vaccinations, border closures, case numbers, politicians performance in relation to Covid, people not complying etc. It’s time to simply switch off or at night, turn the music up.

We set out today to find the grave of Albert Namatjira and it was simple to do. One street over is the Cultural Centre and in the same street is an Aviation Museum. The cemetery is divided into stark sections eg Presbyterian, Catholic, Anglican, Armed Forces, non-denominational and in the far back corner, “Mohammedan”.

It was easy to pick out Albert’s grave because it’s marked by a big ochre stone and has bench seats nearby. The tiles on the gravestone are painted in the style of Albert Namatjira. The stones in the front have been placed there by people visiting the grave.

Near the front of the cemetery was a grave with a sculpture of a prospector, I couldn’t see any name on it.

On our walk to the riverbed Fergus spotted a lovely little Wallaby enjoying some green grass.

Tomorrow we leave Temple Bar RV Park and it’s characters moving out to Ross River Station for three nights. I think it will be a memorable stay. The only phone coverage is Optus so for us that means we’re off grid until we return to Alice on Monday.

Comments on: "Day 61 Temple Bar" (4)

  1. It took Optus to make Sue silent!
    I’m with vodafail & they wanted me to rate their last recharge! Given that i’d been trying a ‘chat’ with them & it had dropped out to overseas several times, I didn’t respond !!
    I think the photo of Sue and Fergus is great. Oh to look so warm, comfortable and happy.

    • Telstra let me down but for all that I think their coverage overall is the best, just disappointing when you’re in a “black hole”.

  2. I had to smile re the topics of conversation around you. It is very similar here; makes me wonder what the long term effect on children will be. My cousin, delighted with the birth of a new grandchild, related the story of how one of her daughters asked her kids to guess what the “good news” of the day was, only to be have it suggested that the answer was “the borders are open?” A new baby girl cousin was far from that young one’s mind. Your cemetery visit was interesting Sue, especially Albert Namatjira’s grave. Enjoy Ross River Station. More adventures. We look forward to hearing from you again when you return to Alice on Monday.

  3. Thanks for sharing those photos of Albert Namatjira’s grave stone, amazing.
    Conversation everywhere seems to be similar.
    What an incredible journey you are having!

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