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Day 64 Ross River

There was no big sendoff or anything this morning, all the thanks to sponsors etc happened last night after the auction. Riders left in dribs and drabs, a small group have stayed but there’s been no entertaining bike riding today. A couple of bikes left on trailers as a result of blowing their tyres on the burnout pad. The prize for winning that competition was a new tyre. The sponsor of the burnout competition said at the prize giving, “I haven’t bought a motorcycle tyre for 30 years, on Monday I’ll find out how much they cost!”

We watched some riders go past the Homestead and a Peacock showing off to unimpressed hens.

After walking back to the campsite we went off on the Binns Track to the N’Dhala Gorge turnoff, we knew we couldn’t go into the gorge with Fergus but wanted to have a look at the area. Alex stayed at a picnic spot with Fergus while I walked 10 mins in and 10 mins out, it was too hot for me to go far. There are rock carvings along the gorge but I didn’t reach that point.

Wherever we drive around this area there are amazing rock formations.

We had some lunch back at the Homestead then I spent a quiet afternoon in the cool of the AC in the camper. Alex put out the solar blanket to top up the auxiliary battery and pottered.

A week today we plan to be back in Adelaide but only time will how that pans out.

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  1. Wow! What an exciting time you had at Ross River with all the motorcycles. Loved the peacock showing off for the unimpressed hens. Awesome rock formations. The heat sounds a bit much. Lap it up because it is not that warm back here in Adelaide. Hope all goes well for your return home in one week.

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