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Day 65 Ross River to Alice

Although the Bikers moved out yesterday some went on to party at The Gap Hotel on Sunday and at least a couple came back to Ross River. This morning they were showing the after effects. Another thing showing the after effects of Saturday night was the concrete Burn Out base where there were rubber pellets all over the surface. The “guard rail” seemed to be made from old exhaust systems. We didn’t see any signs of Burn Outs being done recently on the special concrete pad at the Memorial site when we passed it today.

Maybe on another occasion when we’re passing we’ll stop at Emily and Jessie Gaps but today we drove past. This time in Alice we’re back staying at The Heritage Caravan Park because they have a little Dog Park and it was worthwhile. Apart from the fun he had playing with a Kelpie, a little Staffy, and a Shit Tzu type, he met Maizie.

People at the Dog Park all had stories to tell about their frustrations getting Border Permits, one person had put in four applications before he was given a permit. I think we’ll see them all again tomorrow at Kulgera before we cross into SA on Wednesday.

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  1. Bet you were glad you didn’t have sore heads like the bikers. So good to know that Fergus had fun at the Dog Park and also met Maizie. Good luck at the SA Border.

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