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Day 66 Alice to Kulgera

Several people from the Caravan Park were leaving to travel south today but even though we made a call into Stumps to each have a last toastie and coffee/juice before leaving town we didn’t see a long line of vans. When we were a few kilometres short of Stuart’s Well we noticed plumes of black smoke and wondered if the place had gone up in flames. It hadn’t. I think someone’s stockpile of tyres or something similar was the cause.

When we stopped for a break at Desert Oaks picnic spot a convoy pulled in -the drivers seemed to be in uniform. Later we heard a truckie very nicely telling a convoy that though he had empty trailers there was no way of passing them. They were too close together and his rig was 50 metres long. We could only hear the truckie but he stayed cordial and positive the whole time and was eventually able to get past all of them.

After reaching Kulgera we took a short walk out the road which goes to Finke, a remote Aboriginal Community. Every year there is a Finke Desert Race for motorbikes, cars, buggies and ATVs which loops from Alice to Finke and back to Alice. Some competitors and advertisers have put stickers on the road sign. It’s not a relaxing road to travel.

The countryside looks completely dry and inhospitable but we saw small flowering plants blooming in amongst the tough, dry grasses.

We’ve seen a couple of cute vehicles today, the first at our Caravan Park in Alice and the second here.

We’re staying at Kulgera tonight expecting a SA Police email we have to respond to confirming we’ll arrive in SA tomorrow. If we move on we’ll have no internet until we reach Coober Pedy which is 392 kms into SA.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day of driving for us, over 400 kms so I hope there are some Eagles or something to make the day interesting.

Goodnight from Kulgera