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Day 68 Coober Pedy

Although we haven’t searched out Opals we can’t leave here without actually seeing some so I went into John and Koka’s shop today. Another thing that always comes to my mind when I think of Coober Pedy are the miners’ utes. I wouldn’t normally think of pizzas but I will from now on. Last night we had a delicious pizza from John’s Pizzas in the town. It was too big for us to finish but GF only came in Medium size! Not only the pizza was good but the box was something special too.

First thing we did today was go searching for a good view of the Moonscape.

We played in the dross at Tom’s Working Opal Mine which is on the Stuart Highway very close to the turnoff into town.

From there we went adventuring down roads with names, that’s about all they had, no sealed surface or kerbs but some did have fancy names. There are mines everywhere.

Spotting dugouts was fun. In the town there are plenty of conventional, above ground homes and commercialised dugouts but you don’t have to go far at all to see genuine dugout homes. The ventilation shafts help pinpoint some. At times it’s hard to tell the difference between a home and a mine.

On our drive we came across the Serbian Orthodox Church which is far more elaborate than the lovely simple Seventh Day Adventist Church we found last time we went through here and the stone Catholic Church in the main street.

I noticed some information boards at a tiny park in town so went to see what they were about. There were also some small mosaics there and a terrace paved with named tiles.

After leaving there we went to find the Wetlands, I think it’s a work in progress. Water for the Wetlands comes from a water treatment plant which removes the salts from the bore water. There were little birds flitting around but not any waterbirds I could see.

Another little Jeep arrived at the Caravan Park today, they have been involved in a re-enactment of the movement of troops from Adelaide to Darwin in the 1940s and are now on their way back home .