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Day 71 Gladstone to Adelaide

It seems as though the rain came north to meet us, last night Fergus refused to go and find a tree before bedtime because he was getting wet! We could hear rain hitting off the canvas through the night but there weren’t any puddles in the morning. The Gladstone Caravan Park is very well maintained and there is gravel on what would otherwise be bare ground but there are plenty of trees and garden beds.

Our journey continued along the Horrocks Highway, we do think the Roads Dept. are very liberal with their use of the word, “Highway” but the road was OK. It wasn’t long before dark clouds loomed and we remembered the last time we came back from a long trip and gave up on a final night camping because it absolutely poured.

Around Clare the Canola crops looked glorious, they really brightened the day.

Now we’re back to the green, green grass/weeds of home. The heaters are on, the kettle has been boiled and with some help from Matt the camper is under cover but unpacking can wait for tomorrow. There will be a lot of red dirt to clean away from both inside and outside the car and camper.

Our holiday is over, it’s time to start thinking about next Winter. I’ll leave it up to you to judge who grew the best beard while we were away.