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July 8th 2022 Mildura

Our hosts were very welcoming and we feasted on Mandarins from their backyard. Admired their shed full of “toys” and the pets’ antics kept us amused.

It seemed like a good opportunity to meet up with family in Mildura. We enjoyed going about the town, checking out the river bank and Dog Park. We also had a lovely meal at “Cafe 1909” at the Rowing Club. Alex thought he’d ordered just what he wanted until he saw he saw a plate of Pork Belly with a sticky glaze on a bed of rice and for the rest of the day he suffered from Meal Envy!

Fergus scored from both Alex’s meal and a piece of the Pork Belly.

July 7th – Adelaide to near Wentworth

This has been a long slog getting my blog back working. This is just a trial to see if it finally works.

Here are some photos from our first day out.

The first photo shows the DELICIOUS dried fruit we bought from Niche Fruits in Renmark. They were grown on the property and I’m so happy to be able to buy Australian dried fruit.

The other photos are taken at “Stonehenge” on the old Renmark to Wentworth Road.