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Day 5 – Pooncarie to Wilcannia

There was no great rush to leave Pooncarie, we were going to drive to Menindie then make up our minds whether to stay there for the night or keep going but first we had to call into the Servo-Shop to swap our key for $20. $10 a night for power, toilets and $1 shower in a lovely clean environment was a bargain.

The road between Pooncarie and Menindie was alternating dirt and tar with stretches of detours where preparations seemed to be going on for more tar sections. About 60 kms out of Pooncarie we had to stop because there was built up traffic and ATVs zooming about all over the place. It took a while for us to work out that it was caused by a muster of feral goats.

Menindie turned out to be a pit stop only, Pooncarie beats it hands down for civic pride.

We had to make another couple of stops, first when I saw red-tailed Black Cockatoos cavorting in bushes near the road and then when we had a clear view through to one of the Meningie Lakes.


About 32 kms from Wilcannia I wanted another photo op, it was a grave mistake as the photos following will show.


There were some interesting plants we saw, there’s also a little number plate puzzle for you.


Goodnight from Wilcannia.

Day 4 – 10th July

50 Years ago today Alex & I left Rota, in Spain, rucksacks on our backs and our thumbs stuck out! We were beginning our hitch-hike back to Aviemore, Scotland. Now the car we travel in is our own and the rucksacks have morphed into a camper trailer! We could never have imagined it.

The night was freezing, literally, just check out the windscreen photo for proof but we were mostly OK in bed. Little air gaps are the most unpleasant spots. When we got up in the morning mist was everywhere and all the other campers were still in their caravans some with heaters going. Birds were singing away all along the river.

We like this little place. There are 3 children at the school but when Alex’s expression made it obvious to the woman in The Wharf Cafe that was a little precarious for a school she said it was OK because there were 11 children in the Kindy this year and two more coming next year so they will be moving some up into the school to make up numbers next year.

The school looks great with road signs around a grassed track in the playground, a bright mural on the wall, new playground equipment and what seems a very positive attitude. The local Hall also has attractive facilities around it including a grassy “race track”.

We had steak, egg and chips (the kind that comes in packets of various flavours) for lunch because preparing the main meal of the day at night means we’re eating it in the cold.

We had a drink from the Wharf Cafe and read some of the history of the area.

Our new little Fire Pit is serving us well but the fan heater will come into its own in the camper before it’s dark.

Day 3 9th July

We had a leisurely departure from Dunedin Park, leaving with a bag of juicy citrus fruit. It’s amazing how green the property is this year last time we were here it was very dry.

We didn’t intend to go far so when we reached Wentworth we stopped at “Lock 10 and Weir Restaurant”. When Alex ordered Toasties the person taking the order told him he’d enjoy the Fritatta more and she was right. The food was delicious and the hot drinks welcome.

Most of the other customers were local which surprised the owner because there was a Dog Show on it town and he was expecting customers from there.

After the food we decided to continue on and about 125 kms on from Wentworth was Pooncarie and we thought that’s where we’d stay for the night but when we saw the campsites beside the river we decided it would be a two night stay.

There were some lovely little flowers in amongst all the green “weeds?”

There is also a Golf Course, of sorts.

Pooncarrie only has a little school, a pub, cafe, Servo/shop and the camping area so I think tomorrow we’ll be walking about near the river and also collecting bits of wood for our little Fire Pit. It’s very cold, expected to be 2deg. tonight so we’re glad we have power and plenty of warm clothes and bedding.