Some places we've been and some places we're going.

There was no great rush to leave Pooncarie, we were going to drive to Menindie then make up our minds whether to stay there for the night or keep going but first we had to call into the Servo-Shop to swap our key for $20. $10 a night for power, toilets and $1 shower in a lovely clean environment was a bargain.

The road between Pooncarie and Menindie was alternating dirt and tar with stretches of detours where preparations seemed to be going on for more tar sections. About 60 kms out of Pooncarie we had to stop because there was built up traffic and ATVs zooming about all over the place. It took a while for us to work out that it was caused by a muster of feral goats.

Menindie turned out to be a pit stop only, Pooncarie beats it hands down for civic pride.

We had to make another couple of stops, first when I saw red-tailed Black Cockatoos cavorting in bushes near the road and then when we had a clear view through to one of the Meningie Lakes.


About 32 kms from Wilcannia I wanted another photo op, it was a grave mistake as the photos following will show.


There were some interesting plants we saw, there’s also a little number plate puzzle for you.


Goodnight from Wilcannia.

Comments on: "Day 5 – Pooncarie to Wilcannia" (6)

  1. Where the hell are we? Or something more colourful?

  2. Mud, Mud glorious mud. I am glad it was not me having to clean them. Fantastic seeing the cockatoos.

  3. Wonderful pictures . Hope you could clean your shoes.😀

  4. Cindy Childs said:

    50 years doing what you love. Pooncarrie is a bit different to Scotland! But you two just love to travel and discover. We love it too but don’t get away as much as you. Keep warm! Wow! What a sunset! xx 🥰🥰

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