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Day 7 -Wilcannia to Cobar

I didn’t think it was so cold this morning until the wind hit me then it was freezing. I took Fergus for a walk towards the billabong with no camera but of course I saw things I wanted to capture. I used my phone camera and now have to work out how to download them. The Bluetooth isn’t working etc etc. Technology is wonderful…..when it works easily.

OK I’ve done it! On the walk was evidence of someone else’s Manic Mud Moment. Fergus also was convinced something had set up home in an enormous log.

We’ve heard that some places on our route (new route since the road we intended taking is closed) are difficult to get Caravan Park sites so we’re being very flexible about our route.

Bugger! The power has gone out but a voice from somewhere has just asked if we’ve lost power so at least it shouldn’t be a problem with our setup!

Only took about 20 mins to get the power back on, apparently Air Fryers and Barista Coffee Makers play havoc with 40 amp fuses. I’m pleased to say we weren’t responsible.

When Fergus and I came back from our walk this morning, Alex was well on the way with packing up and we were soon on the way to Cobar. The road was quite busy with Caravans but we sat on a comfortable speed and had no issues. We did have to pull over once for a very wide load! The most memorable thing were the goats, ranging from large mobs to small family groups. Several very small kids were with small groups.

When we arrived at the Cobar Caravan Park, the only CP in town, the sandwich board outside said No Cabins, No Rooms, No Sites.

We decided I’d go in and check. When I said what I was looking for the woman had no hesitation in providing a powered site for us. I told her the board outside said nothing was available. She said, “Oh, is that still out? We’ve been too busy to change it.” The sign didn’t move all day though and tonight it’s apparently telling the truth.

After setting up we went into a town for some lunch.

We drove up to the mining Memorial display which really showed the human cost of mining in the early days. Information boards are attached to the walls of a simulated mine shaft.

On top of a hill is a view of the Cobar New Mine, the size is staggering and if we looked far out we could see more Poppet Heads running north/south. The seam runs for 9 kilometres and provides copper, silver and gold.

We’re in for another cold night and I promise I’ll be wearing Shaun the Sheep socks and Alex will have at least one pair of his new Thermal ones on.

Day 6, July 12th.

Despite the reputation of this town we’ve enjoyed our time here. We’re staying at Warrawong on the Darling which seems to be a section of a station set up as a tourist stop. It’s only 3kms from town and the camping area has excellent facilities, each site has lawn and plenty of elbow room. The last time we stayed in Wilcannia we had a site at Victory Park a facility run by the council, there are issues with flooding at the moment though some campers are there. The flooding isn’t confined to the council Park.

Warrawong is a nicer setting with walks around the large property beside the Darling River. This morning we went on a walk as far as we could so my photo collection could grow. Lots of the tracks end in swamp at the moment but we spotted many birds, some cooperated though tiny birds are a real challenge for me. The next slideshow is all about the birds so if you’ve already seen enough of those you’d better skip it. 🙂

We went into town to check out the buildings as there are some very interesting ones. It seems to be a town that isn’t really sure of its future. Apart from the lovely old buildings there are derelict sites in the main streets including one which I think was the Supermarket which burned down in 2002 and there hasn’t been any Supermarket in Wilcannia since 2012. People have to go to Broken Hill 2hours away for supplies or shop at the MiniMart.

At the end of the street where the derelict Supermarket is situated, builders are constructing new residences.

There are some bright murals and positive information boards around the town, the local radio station also has very positive programs with young people presenting. Although Alex didn’t see any Golf Course he was impressed with the Golf Clubhouse which had meals, lounge and was very well presented.

We didn’t go to the get together and nibbles at the Fire Pit tonight, instead Alex started cooking so we could be done with all the cleanup before it got too cold.