Some places we've been and some places we're going.

I think we must be getting closer to our destination, last night was much milder and today was 23 deg. YES!!!!!

Driving from Charleville the road was busy with caravanners but the roads are all sealed and we keep our pace steady so there were no problems. We saw a few Emus and later some Brolgas but stopping for photos was far too difficult. Our first stop was at Tambo where a lady was busily hosing out the toilets, she said she’d had no chance to do it for days because there’s been so many tourists coming through. If we’d been there for a night I would definitely have gone to see the Chook Races at the Royal Carrangarra Hotel. We tried to buy a snack but everything except the pubs was shut, the IGA would normally have been open but must have heard we were coming so was waiting until the afternoon to open up.

Our next stop was Blackall where we managed to miss the Black Stump the first time around. It was a survey point back in the 1800s and everything west of there was “Beyond the Black Stump”. There is also a statue of Jacky Howe who holds the record for 321 sheep shorn in a day with hand shears. He cut the sleeves off his shirt to give himself more freedom of movement but now a blue singlet is called a “Jacky Howe”.

The entrance signs to the town were lovely.

Out on the road again we saw some impressive Bottle Trees, they look to me to be different from Boabs but maybe they are the same species. Coming across “Children Crossing” signs in the middle of nowhere always brings home the isolation some children live in though the ones who catch a bus each day near these signs get to mingle with others at school every day.

Our campsite for the night is at the back of an Ampol Service Station in Barcaldine at a rather nondescript park. Alex was hanging out for something from the Bakery but we had to settle for “greasy spoon tucker” from the Mobil Servo. We’ve reacquainted ourselves with the Shearers strike, thirteen shearers were jailed with three years hard labour for fighting for better conditions. The original Tree of Knowledge, was the site of actions credited with being the start of the Labor Party.

Every evening the Tree of Knowledge is lit and the lighting makes the ends of the shafts look like leaves.

Goodnight from The Tree of Knowledge. Barcaldine.

Comments on: "Day 11 Charleville to Barcaldine" (2)

  1. I was most disappointed when I saw that bit of wood and mural behind the school in Barcaldine – I expected something far more ‘remote and exotic’. I knew the tree of knowledge had gone and the new memorial had just been ‘opened’ but still felt robbed at not seeing the original 😊

    • Apparently there is a new sapling growing with material taken from the original Tree of Knowledge but we didn’t see it. Maybe you’ll come and see the sapling grown into a tree before too long. 🙂

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