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Day 13 Barcaldine to Aramac

Our days start every morning with bends and stretches, not to impress other campers but every time we go out of the camper we have to bend down to get hold of the flyscreen zipper then stretch up to reach the top then repeat the bends and stretches with the canvas door.

We only travelled about 60kms between the two towns today and arrived at Aramac about 9:30. The town is bigger than I expected with more than one street! Mascot of the town is a white bull.

By 10:00 we were setting off on the 200 km long Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail. The sculptor is Milynda Rogers and her creations are amazing.

I let my manservant go today as a chauffeur was far more important to me. I think the one I hired wagged the “Serenity Now” module of his training course. We were not the only people stopping

for photos but the chauffeur’s lack of serenity training meant he became very frustrated when the people in front of us “faffed around”. He was delighted when they turned off to check out the “Healing Circle”, never for a nano second contemplating checking it out himself.

The trail follows a triangular route with only one side bitumen, some of the dirt track was rutted from vehicles travelling on it when it was wet.

The first section of the trail is from Aramac to Lake Dunn and I’ve chosen my favourites to show.

Lake Dunn has camping sites and there are some old holiday cabins there as well, a kiosk offers snacks and drinks when it’s open. Never opens on Mondays and Tuesdays.


The next section runs to the road to Jericho. Because the tracks are through grazing properties there are often cattle near or crossing the track. At one stage a 4WD came towards us and on the UHF radio we heard, “Ol’ Mate in the Toyota, Where it says Dip up there, it’s a nasty one!” We thanked him and approached with some caution but think he must have been going fast when he hit it.

The last leg of the Trail includes access to the Horsetailer’s Gorge.

After a couple more sculptures we stopped at the Grey Rock.

There were only three more sculptures before we were back in Aramac where the campsite was much busier. We were able to sit at our camper and watch a couple of people working with their horses on campdrafting skills.