Some places we've been and some places we're going.

By 10:10 we were set up at our new campsite in Muttaburra! How did that happen? Firstly, we were up early, I even managed a photo of the sunrise taken through the camper skylight.

The distance was only 84 kms. on sealed but narrow road so we had to pull onto the shoulder many times as other vehicles approached. There were a couple of Bustards near the road at one stage, the roadsides are mown back to lessen the amount of roadkill caused by animals feeding close to the traffic. There is however run-off whenever it rains and this helps create quite green strips beside the road.

We wondered at the need for signs saying there was to be no overtaking at certain points when the road at that point was only one car width anyway.

We had a reason to be quick off the mark this morning, a neighbour told us there was a good cafe in Muttaburra but it shut at 11:30. I was especially glad we made the effort because they had GF tarts, slices etc. It was a lovely little old cafe with interesting artefacts.

We investigated several places around town including the Strikers’ Campsite, Geographical centre of Qld marker and the riverside free camping spots. Because of high river levels this year, only one campsite we saw had easy access down to the river. A man had been fishing there for several hours, caught nothing and had a lovely time. He was very familiar with the area because he’s been coming for years.

The black “posts” in the second photo above indicate the rainfall, some years obviously had terrible drought while others had floods.

After that drive around we went back to the town, parked outside the little cafe as the owner was coming out on her way to the PO. Someone shouted out to her and I thought she responded to “Little T” and maybe people called her that because she resembled a little teapot. “Little T” offered the cafe owner some lemons but she couldn’t use them so then she went along to the Pub and I heard the publican thank “Little Pete” for the two boxes of lemons. When Alex went to get our drinks at the Pub he got a bonus.

I think owning a Queenslander would mean constant painting to have it looking beautiful.

There is an Information Centre with displays of Muttaburrasaurus etc. and Mutta pops up all around the town. Some of the sculptures are made using Barbed Wire.

Comments on: "Day 14 Aramac to Muttaburra" (5)

  1. Di Thorpe said:

    The black posts are a great graphic way of showing flood levels. That looks such a spotless eatery, chain door so unusual & works well. Like those driftwood style fences which look very old. Sometimes I do a comment & it disappears (my phone).

    • I thought those posts were great, when you walk along you can immediately see the harsh years, right back to the early settlement.

  2. Excellent canditate’s that are posing for your photos. Love the hamming it up.

  3. I love the names of the towns you are visiting.

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