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Day 18 Cloncurry to Normanton

The market was a little disappointing this morning though we did get a very cheery, “Welcome to Cloncurry” from one of the locals. A bus arrived with a load of tourists and they seemed very interested in the stitched bags etc but we went on our way.

Driving on the main roads doesn’t seem nearly as interesting but when the road diminished to single track with some quite sharp edges it needed concentration. Pulling off to allow room for other vehicles meant really picking the right spot.

The countryside was sometimes mostly Mitchell Grass and flat but other areas were completely tree covered and there were small hills and rocky outcrops. At times there were hundreds of Termite Mounds and I wondered how each colony protected its space underground.

We stopped opposite the Burke and Wills Roadhouse because we wanted a mini break but the place was swamped with caravans. It’s changed drastically since we first visited it and Alex tasted the best Egg & Bacon Roll he’s ever had sitting at a rough hewn table in the simple structure. Now the place is very big and attractive but I felt there was an unwelcoming atmosphere. Obviously travellers are still arriving in droves.

We’re staying in Normanville tonight and stayed here last year but our site is quite different. Last year we backed onto an oval, this time it’s the Tourist Park’s Swimming Pool. It’s been a beautiful sunny day, 30 deg. but everyone who went in the pool gasped at the cold water. Signs say there are no spaces available but there are, maybe people are booked in and will be arriving late.

We walked around the non nasty-dog side of town just before sunset and Galahs were converging on the town. Fergus seemed unfazed by the big croc but the sign about Impounded Dogs was a bit unnerving.