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Day 19 Normanton to Karumba

I thought I woke to rain pattering on the canvas, it didn’t cause me any concern because it wasn’t heavy and we’ve never had issues with this camper. I lay listening to the rain for ages before Alex said something about a swimmer, I looked through the window and was eventually able to make out someone doing laps in the pool and that was before sunrise.

Some birds were making quite a racket and I was very surprised to see that they were Kookaburras. The SA cousins are very subdued in comparison. There was a Raptor sitting quietly on top of a post.

We wanted to get a few things from the Supermarket before we left for Karumba so we packed up then drove to a little cafe/Art shop/Salvos where Alex had a coffee. A couple of nights we’ve wished we had some chocolate but our supplies were all gone so that was on our list of things to get. Where do you find chocolate in a place in the Tropics? Near the cashier in a special fridge if you’re lucky.

Driving to Karumba was uneventful. We saw a flock of Brolgas in water collected just off the road but there was no way to stop for photos. At times the countryside looked just like we imagine the American prairies to be.

When we reached Karumba and our Caravan Park the cacophony was deafening, thousands of Corellas have made the Park home. Our site is a little further away from the Reception area and large covered eating area which is probably good because the shade cloth over that area was covered in Corella droppings. I don’t think we’d ever get it off our canvas. The other things here in big numbers are locusts, large ones and to a lesser extent, Whistling Kites.

For the first time this trip we’ve put up the annexe and after that effort we decided we deserved a nice drink at the pub overlooking the river and Gulf. The kitchen is shut on Mondays so after we’d had our drinks and tormented those in cold SA with messages and photos of our lovely spot we went to Ash’s cafe for some fish and chips.

We walked along part of the river path and have decided we’ll tackle the longer walk tomorrow.

A little while ago we heard an accordianist playing, “Scotland the Brave” followed by “Loch Lomond” then the man from the site next to us came wandering back from the waste ground behind us carrying some bagpipes, he’d gone away from the campground so his playing wouldn’t upset anyone. Now the man on the next site is playing guitar! The guitarist and pipe player are travelling together with their wives. I think we’re in for a musical evening……..”Skye Boat Song” is the tune now.