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Archive for July 26, 2022

Day 20 Karumba

All the Corellas seem to spend the night elsewhere, the only noise we heard at night was from a mine tailings processing plant down the road, that gave out a constant hum, nothing disturbing.

We went to the Bakery and discovered it was the last day, it’s closing. I asked someone in the shop why such a successful shop would close and she said that the owner and his wife had started it but she died several years ago. It was impossible to get staff and the decision was made to sell. It was on the market for 5 years but didn’t sell so they are just closing the doors. It’s such a shame.

Notice Boards in these small places are usually interesting.

We called into the Information Centre which is connected to a Barammundi Farm, the farm has sent thousands of young fish to places like Chinaman’s Creek Dam which we visited recently.

A notice on the window of a cafe caught our eye, it said “Hot Chickens Today”. You had to order them then come back after 12:00 to collect. That meant we didn’t have time for our walk so we drove on some tracks near the foreshore. People were fishing from different spots, we didn’t see any crocs apart from those on my feet. I’ve had to resort to them since my sandals gave me blisters. Mangroves were regrowing in one section and the bright red plant I think is Samphire, looked beautiful.

Back at camp we packed away the warm clothes using a car vacuum to suck the air out of the bags. Now it’s official we’re in “Summer mode”! Our efforts were rewarded with a delicious milkshake from the Spiltmilkvan parked here at the campsite.

Alex picked up our roasted chicken and all three of us enjoyed some of that for lunch.

The Corellas have returned and are keeping me company here at the communal area. We’re not connected to power……the nights are warm :-)…….so I’m recharging laptop, camera etc. Our solar panels are doing a good job but I like to take the opportunity to charge devices when I can.

We’ve seen a bit of wildlife today, a couple of very small Wallabies, some Brolgas, Diamond Doves, Raptors and hundreds of Locusts one of which hitched a ride on our windscreen for ages.

We cut open a “Kapok” ball today and I realized I’d been wrong about them so I asked the Park manager and she said they are seeds pods from the African Mahogany Tree. Sorry I led you astray on that before.