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Day 21 Karumba

There was another beautiful sunrise this morning, the red colour is very intense.

This Caravan Park is bordered by low shrubby trees and I think, some Mangroves, on two sides and in the morning when I walk Fergus around those sides I see lots of doves and small birds in the shrubbery. The locusts fly off in all directions. The Park has white Corella feathers on the ground everywhere but I noticed a patch of white stuff up near a Camp Kitchen type place and wasn’t sure what it was. On looking closer I realised it was a “drift” of fish scales, some obviously from very big fish. That particular Camp Kitchen is set up for cleaning fish. There are so many boats around the area it’s hard to imagine people doing anything other than fishing.

We decided to take the walk from Karumba Point to Karumba this morning, it’s 3.8kms and initially the track was very obvious but then we strayed. After we’d found ourselves quite close to the water and Mangroves a few times, knowing that crocodiles are in the waters around here and we had a very tempting meal with us, we decided to backtrack. On our way we did taste some Samphire, I knew that it was a bush food and said to give a tasty lift to salads. It was crispy, slightly salty and I agree it would be good in salad.

When we got to the back of the Karumba Point Caravan Park we could see the track we should have taken. After walking a while along the tarmac path we came to the conclusion the 3.8kms walk wouldn’t really be enjoyable. We’d seen wallabies and different birds on the other little track and the vegetation was lush and interesting so we decided we’d actually seen the best of it and returned to the car at Karumba Point boat ramp. The walk qualified us for a bucket of prawns from Ash’s.

We weren’t going to miss out on our reward so we stopped at the Karumba Sunset Caravan Park because they offer a variety of snacks and meals. The lining up of caravans had already started. We enjoyed our bag of prawns reward but did have to go out to the car for a packet of wet wipes as soon as we started peeling.

Today’s wildlife photos….some of them anyway.

This afternoon it was 30.2 deg. which is a bit cooler than yesterday.

I spent the afternoon dealing with photos then we went to the Sunset Tavern for a relaxing drink and an iconic sunset view.

Goodnight from Karumba.

Comments on: "Day 21 Karumba" (7)

  1. Don’t you just love the sound of those Peaceful Doves? To me they are the soundtrack of northern Australia.

  2. Di Thorpe said:

    That is a photo of a plump locust! My family drove ADL > Syd via Canberra when I was 7. I recall the front of the Hillman Minx had a scrim of what looked like coarse tuelle to stop plagues of locusts embedding themselves in the radiator. Didn’t stop them clouding the windscreen. There was also a hessian water bottle hanging on the front bumper for water. Gypsies were around too…not looking like David Essex.

    • I checked our grille yesterday expecting to find locusts but there were none. I don’t know how they manage to cling on to the windscreen.

  3. Are they grass hoppers or locusts? The only way Bella getting exercise is throwing a ball to her. At the moment 13 so your 30 sounds lovely and warm>

    • I’ve decided that if they have pointed heads they’re Grasshoppers and if they have block heads they’re Locusts. 🙂
      It was a little windy this afternoon which cooled us down by the beach but it’s 9:00 here now and still in Tshirts.

  4. Di Thorpe said:

    Great photos, Fergus is going to be the fittest lad around, love the one Alex took of you where Fergus looks intently to check what Alex’s up to. The Prawns look huge! You’re all looking fit & summery. Sunrise and sunset photos look amazing.

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