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Day 24 Karumba to Leichardt Falls

As we walked back from our last delicious drinks at the Spiltmilk Van this morning I noticed that some of the Corella feathers that carpet the ground were different shapes.

Alex managed to show off to our night arrival neighbours, parked right behind us, when he connected up the camper unaided with only one realignment. With 4288 kms on the clock since we started we left Karumba, passing the line-up of boat trailers outside the pub on our way out.

About half the road between Karumba and Leichardt Falls was bitumen. Alex had to FOCUS to cross some of the creeks and rivers that had no guard rails or edges to stop you going off the side. Brolgas became a familiar sight.

Because we came here last year we’re familiar with the rocky, difficult access from one direction so we made sure to use the alternative one. Instead of camping on the rocky area we also continued past most of the campers to a much more spacious spot on mostly sandy ground. We haven’t seen any water cascading over the rocks but there is plenty in the river so it is coming in somewhere.

I deserted Alex and Fergus to sit down on a rock and take in the scenery, it was wonderful.

I’m using “the brick” to power the computer because this is strictly a self sufficient campers only site, remarkably we do have phone coverage.

Tomorrow our intention is to move on to Burketown then Hell’s Gate. That should be interesting.