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Archive for August 6, 2022

Day 31 Katherine

This is a place to learn to be lazy. It’s been hot, about 37 deg. today and we didn’t have to do anything. We could have been at the gate this morning at 8:30 to be driven in a ute out to feed Buffalos and cattle but we left the spaces in the ute for the kids here. No packing up and moving on but we had to find something to do so we went early to the shops for fresh vegies and fruit then went to the Weekly Market. There weren’t a lot of stalls, one was selling racks and racks of costumes and tuu tuu type outfits for kids, definitely nothing there for me. Another stall had interesting carved and polished wood, holders for votive candles and lots of toy trains, trucks etc. I did buy a dress for very hot days, not ideal for a woman of my years but up here people seem more relaxed about body image.

Alex found a stall very much to his taste and came away with some Middle Eastern flatbread with dukka, herbs and cheese.

We came back to camp, walked and sat beside the river after a cooling drink. There were little fish in schools, Dragonflies and even someone riding a horse across the river. We cooled our feet quickly but went no further!

By about 2:00 I was very keen for an icecream which meant another 10 km drive into town and then a scavenger hunt to try and find a place selling them.

Alex remembered the little pop-up stall near the Hot Springs so we went there first. No, they were closed but we did look at the new approach to the river. It’s a zigzag path now, lined with gabions and refreshed or looking-to be-refreshed people. No dogs allowed.

We’re becoming quite familiar with town and closed shops! Last chance for our icecreams was the Coles Express Petrol Station and we were rewarded for persistence. We called in at the Golf Course on our way back which had nice green Greens which we haven’t seen for a while.

Around this area Kapok Trees are common, the trees have beautiful yellow flowers followed by the pods which contain the fluffy white material used in the past to stuff pillows and mattresses.

The Ghan, which had seemed to be moving out as we drove on the overpass coming into town, was now back at the station. Probably the passengers were all having scenic helicopter flights over Nitmiluk, swimming at the Hot Springs or visiting other tourist hotspots. Don’t think shopping in Katherine would be on their list.

Fergus and I had another river walk just before sunset. This time some fellows were playing in an ATV while other people were fishing but no-one seemed to have any fish. A Sulphur Crested Cockatoo complained about Fergus and me walking past his patch. There was evidence of Cane Toads in the area on the path down to the river, this one was well beyond harming anyone. Across from us in the Park are some of the Station cattle, not all grey Brahmans.