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Day 32 Katherine

We decided to stay for three nights here because it’s such a nice setting, not because it’s a place full of action. We went into town to get photos of some of the murals and also to pick up a couple of things we didn’t get yesterday from the shop. The photo below shows what happens when you leave a window down about a third so your Jack Russell doesn’t overheat but he does get excited and pushes down on the door locks.

Many of the murals around town depict people who have made significant contributions to the region and to the lives of others.

We walked again along the Low Level Nature Reserve. The bridge was built during the war so north/south traffic could cross the Katherine River. It’s only 6 feet above the Dry Season water level so for most of the Wet Season it can’t be used. Fergus had a wonderful swim, not near the bridge, even so, he was a little confused when he couldn’t match the current but we reeled him in.

On the way back to camp we noticed a bit of action on the Golf Course, we think it was grandparents out with grandkids. Sound familiar?

Near the Camp Kitchen here, there’s an old truck and I’d love to know some of the stories it could tell.

Our neighbours’ car tyre doesn’t need any more explanation!

We pass the seatbelt billboard every time we come out the road and I think it’s a beauty.

After 4:00 when it was a bit cooler we went back for another walk along the river here at the campground.

Tomorrow we pack up and move on, further north.