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Day 34 Dundee Beach

This place is here for fishing, according to tourist brochures it’s THE PLACE to try your luck at fighting fish ie not those accepting their fate. There were a lot of fishing charter boats setting out in the morning along with all the amateurs. In the afternoon people bring chairs or sit on seats overlooking the boat ramp to watch the boats coming back in. People who’ve come off boats come there too and swap stories of the day. We watched for at least an hour, it’s not only fun watching the way people get their boats onto their trailers but it’s also a nice cool spot under the shade of a big, old tree and occasionally a nice cool breeze off the water.

There are some memorial plaques on the big tree.

Because it was so hot we decided to drive in AC comfort to Fog Bay, we passed some interesting property names. Most of the properties seem to have similar frontages, a farm type gate with no view of the dwelling behind. We reached a turnoff we presumed would take us down to the bay but then came to a property entrance and a sign saying it was a private track and could only be used to get to Finnis Point, a fishing spot with no facilities. The track had already been badly corrugated so we decided not to continue and returned to camp.

When we were having a drink at the Dundee Lounge at least five helicopters landed, people can charter them to go “heli-fishing” or take Joyflights from Darwin. A 30 min flight at low tide is $395 per person but there are lots of flight options.

I walked along the beach in the morning when it was cool and we had another walk there later. Fergus met up with Sadie whose owner would have been happy for the dogs to run free together but we can’t completely trust Fergus to come back when he’s called. This is also an area to be croc aware so letting him go free doesn’t seem a wise thing to me. I found some interesting shells, little shellfish firmly attached to rocks and also a tiny Hermit Crab.

Tomorrow we drive only about 170 kms into Darwin where we’re booked into a Caravan Park for five nights. The annexe should go up!