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Day 37 Darwin

I feel that last night I somehow opened Pandora’s Box and out flew Jet engine scream, noise from planes taking off and landing, headlights turning in front of our camper followed by loud voices and a phone ringing at 2am. Heat radiating, Sandfly bites itching , a bird sounding a bit like a rooster crowing again and again, “Get the caaallllll” and the full moon shining down on me through the camper skylight! What a night!

We decided it was wise to take our planned walk to Marlow Lagoon at Palmerston early in the day before it got too hot. We’d read that there was a Dog Park incorporated in it which sounded ideal. It is only about 15 kms from our campground so didn’t take long. The lagoon is nice and big and would be stunning when the Water Lilies are flowering, we could see hundreds of the plants.

The Dog Park is definitely the best we’ve ever seen, it was huge and inside it were three smaller areas. One was designated for small dogs, one for shy, quiet dogs and the other for any dogs. We went into the one for small dogs, there was a little dog in there and also a big black dog. The owner of the big dog was trying to get it through an agility course which went well except for the seesaw. Fergus ran up and jumped straight onto it but didn’t go to the end making it tip. The big dog wouldn’t get on it at all. All of the dogs chased and played until the other owners took their dogs for a swim in the lagoon. I put the lead on Fergus and we used a couple of the Agility setups.

When we left there we headed back to Cool Spot for something to eat and drink. The safest thing for me was a bowl of chips so we shared that and I had a super Mango Smoothie. Fergus and a black poodle were tied to a rail beside us at the Puppy Parking spot and they were given heaps of pats and back scratches. Alex noticed a Gorilla on the roof. Why was it there? Probably seemed like the best place for such a big object.

Back at camp it was time for doing laundry and our camper was adorned with washing. The communal clothes lines were all being used.

When the day cooled a bit we went out to see the boats at a wharf not far from the City Centre, it’s where the commercial fishing vessels are moored.

Because we couldn’t get close to the boats at the marina we went to Fisherman’s Wharf where we could walk about and see what was happening in the harbour. We could see some boats up in dry docks being repaired. Different vessels were coming in including a big barge and a charter fishing boat.

Gulls were swooping around the end of the wharf and there was a Heron limping, it had something fixed to its leg. A young fellow was fishing and the Heron got quite close to him, they seemed to know each other. I have reported it to the Wildlife Rescue here in Darwin.

Our last little jaunt was to Stokes Hill Wharf, the whole area was packed with cars and people. It’s hard to work out where all the people in all the places come from.