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Archive for August 14, 2022

Day 39 Darwin

What to do on our last day here? Go to the best Dog Park we’ve ever found.

Go to the Laneway Coffee, in Parap where Alex amused himself on Thursday when I went around the market. We needed a nice cool drink after the effort at the Dog Park….well, I did, Alex enjoyed a coffee but I had an exotic Passionfruit Soda.

After our Laneway break we filled the car with fuel because the price had dipped a little, 215.7, then drove around the seaside suburbs of Darwin. It was cool in the car. 🙂

I put a sprinkler on our site this afternoon and lots of birds came to fly through it then perch up in one of the trees. I think the bird in the photo below is a Collared Sparrow Hawk, maybe it was hoping to catch one of the little birds for dinner.

We had a date for 5:00 at the Mindil Beach Markets. We found a park that would allow us to get out easily then found a shady tree to sit under while we waited until 5:00. Alex looked around the Market first then I went in, Fergus was denied the pleasure.

There were no seats so I perched on part of the tree base that was flat and watched the drop-offs happening. Ubers, Taxis, mini buses and maxi buses all went around the loop. A man asked me if I knew where the ATM was, I had no idea. It’s difficult to imagine an ATM in that location, the only solid structure I could see was the toilet block. He ranted that the Uber is supposed to come right to you with your phone but instead the driver was telling the man he was near the ATM. I pointed out where all the Ubers etc were dropping people off and yes, his driver was waiting for him there. Hoardes of people got out of two AAT big red buses and made their way into the Market.

Now comes the reason for us being there.

There was too much in my serve for me but Alex was able to go back to another stall for Churro with Chocolate Sauce.

Tomorrow we start going south though only as far as Berry Springs where the temperatures are forecast to be 34 and 14 so maybe we’ll need more than a sheet and thin blanket overnight.