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Archive for August 16, 2022

Day 41 Berry Springs – Tumbling Waters

We were shocked to find ourselves cold overnight, it’s back to blankets on!

It was a lazy day roaming around Tumbling Waters. The first stop was to the spot where the salt water meets the fresh, there was recently an unusually high tide and we wanted to see if it happened again. We could see the tide rising by measuring the water level against some old posts, relics from an old bridge.

After a while we went to the Billabong to see if the water appeared any higher at the old stone wall than it had yesterday. The answer? Not really.

We drove back out the Cox Peninsula Road towards a place called, Eynoe where Crab Claw resort is situated. The road was corrugated and we hadn’t gone far when we saw a sign advertising the place and indicating that dogs were not permitted so we turned back. The Eynoe Boat Ramp was accessible so we checked that out and had a lovely time watching little crabs in the mud beside the ramp. At first they all seemed to be red but as we studied them we could pick out other colours.

By then it was quite hot so we went back to Berry Springs for a drink at the cafe. On the way we passed many Termite Mounds, all of a similar type. When we got to Berry Springs the cafe was closed, luckily the IGA was open and tables and chairs were still out under cover so we sat there and enjoyed drinks from the IGA. There’s a lovely little fountain in the undercover eating area.

Back at Tumbling Waters I spent some time observing in the Croc Enclosure, one croc was still sleeping where he was yesterday and one of the Herons reappeared.

We enjoyed a tasty meal at the restaurant and noticed something was playing on the cinema screen, it seemed to be about Cold Chisel or maybe Jimmy Barnes, only about four people were watching. Tomorrow night is a movie night.