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Day 42 Berry Springs – Tumbling Waters

We needed the blankets last night, even a Dove was feeling a bit chilled this morning.

A visit to Marlow Lagoon for the Dog Park seemed like a good idea. I discovered that there are actually four separate enclosed areas apart from the BIG area which includes some of the lagoon. There’s an area for small dogs, one for any dogs, one for quiet, shy dogs and the one I saw today is the “Time Out” enclosure. A lady was there with two dogs she was dog-sitting and she said they were a bit antisocial. There were no other dogs in any of the other allocated areas until a lady came with a shy Kelpie. After a while she invited Fergus in to join her dog and they had a good time sniffing, running and playing.

After his fun time Fergus had to endure a 10 min bath, that was the minimum time, and he certainly came out whiter and softer. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I looked for some souvenirs in the Gateway Shopping Centre at Palmerston but it was just like Marion Shopping Centre with identical shops. The only different one really was Raging Mullet and they sold flamboyant fishing shorts, shirts etc. Not what I was looking for.

We stopped at Berry Springs on the way back “home” and again there was a constant flow of patients to the local Family Medical Clinic. The doctor, a man who was certainly of retirement age came out and ordered a takeaway from the cafe, the sole worker in the cafe walked down to the clinic with his lunch. At the local school there is a lovely display attached to the fence.

We’ve seen a few of the signs below as we’ve been up this way, it’s certainly a reminder of how a seemingly vast resource, accumulated over thousands of years at least, can be quickly depleted.

In the afternoon I went for a swim in one of the Tumbling Waters swimming pools then we walked down to checkout the Croc enclosure before going to the cafe for a drink.

Tonight we went to “The Cinema”, we didn’t take any chairs because that seemed to be much hassle since we’d have a way to carry them. The area was terraced so we were able to sit, I kept Fergus imprisoned between my legs. The first showing seemed to be a Rolling Stones Concert followed by a 2004 movie which was at times uncomfortably non-PC called, “Strange Bedfellows” but did have some very funny moments.

The movie was set in the town of Yackandanda, we have enjoyed staying there and hearing drop-in musicians playing at the pub.

The last movie we can remember seeing was “Red Dog” at the Broome outdoor cinema in about 2012.