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Day 43 Berry Springs – Tumbling Waters

It was a quiet day with nothing much to show. We walked around the billabong and down where the salt water comes in. You can definitely see the rocks which have been affected by salt. It was a lovely morning to be out enjoying the atmosphere.

I was thrilled to spot a beautifully coloured little bird hopping in undergrowth and have heard that it’s a Rainbow Pitta. Another unknown to me has very glossy blue/black feathers and that one torments me never letting me get a steady shot in good light.

Later we went to checkout the Strauss Airfield and Cricket Ground. There was a photo of aircrew playing cricket with their big boots on just in case there was a scramble to get planes up. Most of the signs are so weathered they’re difficult to read. In tracks just off the runway there are odd piles of things like fuel drums or machine parts.

Not far from where the airfield was in Noonamah siding and it’s easy to picture the shocked faces of new recruits who disembarked there.

An operational bus station is nearby and although we’ve never seen a bus there the timetables seem to be current and there is a map of the school run and timetable.

In the afternoon we looked at the map and tried to work out our stops on the way home. After that I kept cool in one of the swimming pools until it was time to get ready for dinner. We both had absolutely excellent meals and it was a pleasure sitting in the eating area in such a lovely environment.

The movie tonight is a war one so not appealing to me.

We have booked in here for three more nights!