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Day 44 Berry Springs – Tumbling Waters

We had two things we wanted to do today, first a visit to the Dog Park at Marlow Lagoon that turned out to be disappointing as far as dog play was concerned because no one was there to play. It was interesting though checking out what was in the Recreation Park. There were some very well made mosaics and a Skate Park beyond the free dog area. There didn’t seem to be many Water Lilies flowering but then I noticed clusters of tiny white flowers near some Lily pads. I’m not sure if they’re Water Lilies but they certainly have interesting petals.

After the Lagoon visit Alex had an important purchase to make, some kind of shorts so he could appear respectable in the Swimming Pool. The Gateway Shopping Centre at Palmerston is big with the usual Chain Stores so it wasn’t difficult for him to find something so this afternoon he had his first dip since we’ve been away and he claims to have done some aqaurobics.

We drove down to Channel Island and saw several places we weren’t allowed into, one was an Aquaculture Centre which would have interested me but my catch of the day was a Sea Eagle. The LNG Terminal at Wickam Point was more in Alex’ line. I liked the enormous pylons, they were quite sculptural.

In some places old tyres have been filled with rocks and placed side by side, they look quite attractive. I don’t know how long they’ve been in place but hope it turns out to be a successful strategy.

Tonight a traveller was singing in the Eatery and the place was booked out. She was singing songs very familiar to us from the 1970s Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez etc. It wasn’t her era but I guess their style appealed to her.

The movie tonight didn’t appeal to us, it’s “Dr Dolittle” but we did enjoy the forerunner, a concert by James Taylor and Carole King.