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Day 45 Berry Springs – Tumbling Waters

We wandered a little more widely around Tumbling Waters today and found the usual dead bus being used as a home. There are obviously people working here for at least the season if not all year but it’s hard to imagine what it must be like during the Wet Season.

The minibus loads of kids had set up their tents in a very orderly way and they were off on an excursion somewhere.

It strikes us as a bit insane that tonight we are sitting in the camper with the AC on cooling us while outside there are several fires blazing. One man who seems to be working here has a big fire every night, at least it’s a way of clearing up dropped Palm fronds though I’m not sure that’s what’s happening.

Our little excursion today was to Humpty Doo because we like the name and we remember having something nice to eat in a cafe there. The place was a shock, it took us ages to find where we’d eaten before and we couldn’t access the verandah without going through the Roadhouse so that was a NoGo. Instead of the little place we remembered there is now a substantial shopping strip, new housing subdivision, a big bus depot plus Park and Go. We didn’t see any cars at all parked there but maybe weekdays are different.

The Recreation Area had plenty to offer, Lawn Bowls, BMX track, Skate Bowl, Scouts hall as well as a Community Hall. A birthday party was happening on the lawns.

We saw today what happens when someone with a big caravan tries to turn off a busy road onto a narrow culvert into a driveway!

Mango orchards flourish up here and there is a lovely native shrub that looks like Heather though much taller. In some places it looks like a Heather hedge.

Tonight the movie was “Buzz Lightyear”, I think they’re catering for a regular family-campers weekend. The pre-movie music was firstly by ACDC then The Eagles.