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Day 46 Berry Springs – Tumbling Waters

This morning we decided to go to the Dog Park before getting a few things at Coles in Palmerston. The Prado Pilot decided to have some fun and took a dirt track from the camping area to the Cox Peninsula Road. Some parts were a bit rutted but it was fine. For the first time we saw people using the BMX course, kids were doing timed laps.

Two places we checked out today were a place called Southport which was apparently a very vibrant place back in the 1870s with over 200 residents. Gold Mining was the key to its existence then but looking at what’s left today it’s hard to imagine. A “historical site” signposted was a hole in the ground, the site of a bore. We didn’t find anything to keep us in the area after we’d checked out the boat ramp to the river.

The second site we visited was another Boat Ramp and Jetty but this time beside a very big bridge over the Elizabeth River. Several people were fishing, one lady had caught a Groper, A Sucker Fish and a Puffer Fish, all had gone back into the river. You could see the Gas Plant in one direction, a fisherman had a fun sticker on his car boot.

Most properties in this area have dense vegetation and palms of different varieties are a big feature. Below are some here at Tumbling Waters.

I think one of the crocodiles here was smiling at us this afternoon. The spider was on a sign at Southport and the toad or maybe frog was out and about this evening.

To celebrate the end of our stay here we decided to have cocktails tonight, Alex had a Cuba Libre while I opted for a colourful Tequila Sunrise or maybe it was a Tumbling Waters Sunset.