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Day 47 Berry Springs to Adelaide River

OK, not much happened today, we didn’t travel far, we didn’t see new and exciting things on the way and to top it off Adelaide River doesn’t have as much to offer as we expected. However we did have interesting conversations with different people, saw what happens when a busload of tourists arrive at the Pub, enjoyed cooling down in the swimming pool and have a nice shady site for two days.

Driving on the Stuart Highway we passed a cyclist, luckily there were no road trains, caravans or motorhomes towing small vehicles at the time. Alex spoke for a while with the cyclist who arrived at the Pub when we were there. He was from the USA and was hoping to reach Robin Falls today, only another 15 kms, but his ultimate destination is Perth. On his bike he has a mirror and if he sees someone behind him and oncoming traffic he gets right off the road you can understand why when you see how little “shoulder” there is on the Stuart Hwy. in some places.

The pub has interesting décor including a stuffed Buffalo which starred in a Crocodile Dundee movie. There are plenty of souvenirs for sale but I haven’t seen any suitable as gifts for grandkids!

Just down the road from the Pub is a Post Office, General Store, cafe and they had some lovely tables outside. One even had Alec’s name on it.

Here at Adelaide River there is an old railway bridge and a Railway Museum, we might check that out tomorrow.

When we passed through on our way north I noticed a sign for a Pioneer Cemetery and thought that would be interesting to investigate. Today we found it and I was very disappointed to see that only one grave was marked with original text and that grave served two people from different times. In 1971 John Chapman was buried in the grave of his old mate, Alf Hatt. The first burial on the site was in 1874. The information on notice boards is very difficult to read.

On a “Fergus Walk” around the Caravan Park/Pub/Service Station I took notice of the tropical plants growing and the richness of colours in the leaves. Near our campsite is also an ancient old tree that would have many stories to tell.

I noticed a couple of interesting signs today.