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Archive for August 23, 2022

Day 48 – Adelaide River

Beside out campsite we have a line of palms of various types and on the ground I noticed some “nuts” so this morning I set the manservant to work opening one. I was surprised by the core.

A little further along from us there were red “plums” on the ground and I realized that they were the same fruit and on one palm I could see fruit at two different stages. I now know that it’s from a Foxtail Palm and the campsite manager showed me some seedlings he is tending and intends taking home when he leaves at the end of the season.

Before the day became too hot we set off for Robin Falls even though we weren’t expecting to see any waterfall. On the way we passed through some smoke which made me feel uncomfortable but we kept going. Despite the limited water Robin Falls area was worth visiting and some people had chosen lovely camping spots along the river.

Coming back from the Falls a couple of small planes passed over and there were also helicopters around the burnt and burning area. We heard on the radio that there had been worrying fires not far from Berry Springs and warnings were still current for a few areas. Driving back to Adelaide River was more nerve wracking than driving out. Back at the Caravan Park helicopters and small planes were still flying over, a red and white plane even had a fire siren screeching from it.

After a swim in the pool we went up to the pub for a drink. It’s interesting seeing the different personalities coming and going. Yesterday there was a small group of Cattle Station workers, their clothes were a dead giveaway. There is also a man who is involved around the pub/campground/petrol station, he rides a mobility scooter and seems to cope well with his disability. ( I have censored one NT sticker!)

I saw another bird new to me today feasting on Foxtail Palm fruit. Every night we hear Geckos calling but the only place I’ve seen any has been on the walls of the Ablution Block. Some butterflies were flitting around the Robin Falls area but I was only able to get a shot of one.