Some places we've been and some places we're going.

It didn’t take long for us to pack up the Camper and we were on the road early, our first planned stop was at Katherine. The place was chaotic with people and caravans everywhere and roadworks going on in the town. Butcher Birds were lined up on a branch watching the madness and even the Bats took off to find somewhere less frenetic. After we’d picked up the few things we needed from Woolies we left town.

We had a refreshment break at a big Rest Stop which even allowed overnight camping then continued on towards Mataranka. Thirty kms short of the town we could see some smoke in the distance and we passed a cyclist, I don’t know how he coped riding through the smoke but he would have had no alternative.

At Mataranka we topped up with fuel, it seems crazy that at some small places it’s cheaper than in the big ones. Mataranka was cheaper than Katherine and Adelaide River cheaper than both of them. On the window of the Service Station Alex saw this poster.

Our intention was to stop for the night at Larrimah but the flies were bad, the facilities filthy and nothing encouraged us to stay so we gave up on the idea.

We’re back at Daly Waters again and not unhappy to be here. Each time we call in we see something different. One first today was the purple motorbike and rider.

At the moment a Brahman cow is bellowing and a goat is investigating the campground.

The Golfer will need to get back to his game soon, we’re running out of Laundry Money!


Comments on: "Day 49 Adelaide River to Daly Waters" (6)

  1. I loved the,butcher birds all lined up on the branch. Are you heading home? We have had heaps of rain, squelchy ground everywhere. It has been really cold but the forecast for Sunday is good, sunny and 21 so looking forward to that. Enjoy the warm weather.

    • Hi Cindy, we’re now on our way back home but considering the weather you’re having maybe we should take our time. 🙂
      The overnight forecast for Alice tomorrow is zero, I guess that will be some preparation for us.

  2. The photo of the butcher birds lined up on the branch was cute. I wondered if you were near the fires. Still miserable weather. Fuel is cheaper I found in some areas.

    • We cannot understand how fuel can be cheaper at a tiny spot like Adelaide River than it is in a capital city with much lower freight costs. Even here it’s about 20c a litre dearer than we paid yesterday in Adelaide River.

  3. Di Thorpe said:

    The smoke doesn’t look too good. I hope you get somewhere cleaner to stay. Joys of this area “Tree Removals” has been noisy all day, VERY!! SA Water has been cutting off water, always around teatime. Hands stripped from Aquium! So many caravans where you filmed. Good luck with petrol & money to pay for it.

    • So many caravanners about it’s a wonder there’s anyone left in the cities! We thought they were all coming south but have seen plenty today heading north. No smoke at all today, thank goodness.

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