Some places we've been and some places we're going.

It was a long day, about 500 kms but they seemed to go on and on. Newcastle Waters was our first stop, it’s a place we always visit and it never disappoints. There are no services but several interesting old buildings and we always go up to check on the Drover’s statue. About half a dozen schoolkids came out to enjoy a recess break.

It’s 150 kms to Elliot and I was ready for a mini stop by then, I asked a local if there were any Public Toilets in Elliot and she said there was one a bit further along the road but she thought it would be better to go back to another one in a park. It was a single automatic toilet with a woman waiting to get in and a line up of caravans. We drove on.

Our next stop was Renner Springs, 93 kms from Elliot and they did have toilets, which I was pleased about but it wasn’t a place to stop for a drink and a snack. Too many caravans and people milling about as well as a bitch on heat which refused to accept that Fergus wasn’t interested.

Before we left the purple motorbike and rider we saw last night pulled in, neither she nor her fellow rider were enjoying the ride because strong winds kept buffeting them.

We drove on again and eventually came to a Rest Area suitable for vehicles other than trucks, it was at Attack Creek. I expected it to be the site of another wipeout of Aboriginal people but in this case the local people sent John McDouall Stuart’s party of explorers back the way they’d come.

The purple motorbike passed us by.

At about 3 o’clock we arrived in Tennant Creek and the place was very busy, I didn’t see a single non-Aboriginal person until we drove into the Caravan Park. I felt like an imposter.

We’ve stayed at this Caravan Park a couple of times before and it’s always been filled but it’s not tonight. Dead trees withing the park have been painted in mostly bright colours and the back fence is decorated with many signs and information boards.

We drove out to Mary Ann Dam which is a lovely relaxing place.

For dinner we ordered a Chinese meal then drove up to the Mining Battery and around the town to fill in the 20 mins until our meal was ready. Alex also filled up with fuel.

I think we’ll be in bed early, it’s going to be a cold night, I’ve had to find some suitable night wear! Tomorrow night though the quilt will be back on the bed because it’s going down to zero overnight in Alice Springs. I find it hard to grasp just how quickly we’ve gone from being hot all day to needing some kind of jacket on.


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