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Day 52 Alice Springs

Not much news today, we had a relaxing day. We went into town to get a couple of things, like a light to hang in the annexe which we didn’t find and a USB cable for the semi-retired GPS Gal. For some time she’s been working on a purely voluntary basis popping up now and again to remind us she exists then working for an hour or so before popping out again. We hope that a providing her with a new cable might persuade her to work full time again.

Our favourite cafe was very busy and we think that might explain why our food was short of a few ingredients, we might give it one more go maybe at a later time of day. In the window we noticed an ad for an event next weekend, how disappointing, we’ll miss it.???

The Mall was quieter than we’d expect on a Saturday morning and there were a few empty premises, maybe Covid has affected custom though there certainly seem to be plenty of travellers in the Parks and on the roads.

We went into one shop selling “country gear” and listened as a customer was told how to treat his new hat apparently you should never rest it on the brim always on the crown. Reviving the rabbit pelt felt requires some time in a steamy bathroom. There were a few tourists proudly wearing their new big hats down the Mall. We didn’t see anyone buying kids boots but there were some fancy ones on display.

Outside a man was using the “payphone” which I think is now free, he obviously hasn’t gone in for one of those fancy mobile things and was talking for ages.

Women were displaying paintings on the lawn and the verandah of the old hospital, a building constructed with the hot climate in mind.

On the way back to the car we passed some musicians performing outside a cafe.

At 11:30 we were at a National BMX competition, some of the competitors have only recently returned from World Championships in France.

I think the youngest children participating were barely more than 2 years old but they all finished their set course.

One age group followed another, boys’ races and girls’, also I think races for different skill levels and even different wheel sizes.

Many of the competitors looked completely whacked when they walked back from their event.

After about an hour we’d had enough time in the sun and came back to camp to relax. Fergus had a play in the Dog Park with a Cattle Dog until I was too hot to stay out in the sun, there’s no shade at all in that area.

Now it’s time to try and use the Caravan Park WiFi, I’ve been notified that I’ve used up a couple of Gbytes and I don’t know what my allowance is. 🙂