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Day 53 Alice Springs

This morning I took Fergus over to the Dog Leash Free area and another dog owner was there, the dogs had a great time playing. The woman told me she was going to get a taxi to the market this morning because their van was still out of action. I thought giving her a lift in was a great excuse to get there myself so we did that. I bought a couple of books and a bracelet made of some kind of beans.

Coming in to Alice on Friday we noticed a sign to Wigley’s Waterhole and we checked that out today. We were halfway in before we saw a sign indicating that no dogs were allowed but decided to continue anyway. Luckily it was cool today so leaving Fergus in the car wasn’t a problem when we walked the short distance down to the waterhole. On the way out we passed a couple of vehicles coming in then a third one, the driver gave us a cheery wave as she passed. The Rangers Service insignia was on the side of the vehicle, we’d already decided that if we were questioned we could honestly say Fergus hadn’t set foot in the place!

Another place I went into today was the Pioneer Cemetery. We’ve been before but the bookseller at the market said Lassetter of Lassetters Reef infamy was buried there and I wanted to see his grave. As soon as I saw it I remembered it from before, it’s a large depiction of a gold panner. Another impressive gravestone there is on Albert Namatjira’s grave.

When we were in Normanton a lady in front of me at the checkout bought about thirty sprays of artificial flowers and I presumed they were for a funeral. Today a grave at the Pioneer cemetery reminded me of that.

The last couple of races were being run at the BMX track when we got there this afternoon which was what I wanted to catch. The trophies must have been given out at the end of each race because there was no big ceremony. The races finished, everyone was thanked for their contributions then the rush for cars began, luckily we had a good park opposite the exit gate so we were able to get away quickly.

Tomorrow we pack up and head south again to Marla., not a long trek.


Comments on: "Day 53 Alice Springs" (2)

  1. Di Thorpe said:

    Great Fergus had a play with the dog & you could give her a lift to that market. Is bead bracelet made by aboriginal women? Gluten free stall good. Tarot reader empty, a magazine series has been advertised on TV. Albert Namatjira’s site is beautiful. A good & varied day Sue!

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