Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Our fellow campers were not social beings. Each chose a site far from others and even when passing on the way to the amenities there was no acknowledgement. There was a big area set up with a campfire spot and logs were placed around for seating. I think when the place is busy and the fire lit the atmosphere would be very different.

Although the big sign at the beginning of the road to Arckeringa said the Coober Pedy to Oodnadatta Road was closed the Station Manager told us the sign has a mind of its own and the road is in fact open and a good one. That meant we didn’t need to backtrack to reach Coober Pedy. We think it was a bit of an exaggeration to say the road was like a highway but it was certainly better than the road in to Arckeringa.

We decided to stay at Riba’s Camping because it offers some underground facilities and we thought they would be interesting to see. Our camper is shaded by a cloth covered frame but most are quite exposed. There is an underground section where people can sleep in a big open room in their swags. It’s big enough to accommodate a busload of people and I was told by another camper that snorers can be an issue. There are also individual rooms where people can sleep in their swags.

There is a TV Room, kids’ play room and lounge type room with WiFi access. It was impressive.

The Big Winch is a restaurant with views over the whole town and is owned by the same family who own Adelaide River Resort and Daly Waters. I was able to get a GF Tart unlike at the Bakery where Alex bought a pie but there was nothing for me.

The Breakaways at sunset are supposed to be a brilliant sight so we went out there in time to see it. Unfortunately there was too much cloud so we didn’t see bright rays lighting up the different coloured rocks but they are still a spectacular natural feature.

A section of the Dog Fence passes by The Breakaways. There are 5300 kms of Dog Fence still in place out of the original 9600 kms.

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