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Test Run -The Coorong

Coorong jaunt

This is a test run in two ways, I’m testing out making a Blog and the photos are of our test run with the new car on April 10th, 2011. We went for a jaunt from Adelaide to Kingston, taking a look at the Coorong sites. I hope this blog will keep you updated on our travels.

Comments on: "Test Run -The Coorong" (6)

  1. Happy travelling!

  2. Diane Thorpe said:

    How do you fit in your driveway at home! You’ll miss the luxury of this type of travel in UK.
    (this is a test reply). They want a Website response below and I don’t have one – it this new or does everyone have a website nowadays?

    • I don’t link to my website from others, some people get a buzz from the extra “traffic”. Not sure why else you’d do it unless it was a Blog on the same topic, maybe.

  3. Good first attempt. Liked all the photos.Look forward to some from the Kimberley etc, and possibly of Alex in compromising positions.


  4. By the way – that was my first blog post. now I will revert to lurking!!!

  5. Thought the car looked familiar – good picture. We have to go somewhere else to become more familiar with it.

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