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Bridport- Barnbougle- Rossdale

The Geriatric Geezer persona had to be put on hold for the day, that wouldn’t have gone down well once he’d made a couple of slipups and people realized it was just a role he was playing. I think he would have just been Alex, the golfer, for the day. He couldn’t have picked a nicer day, there was sunshine and no wind.

After my session at the Scottsdale Library I went off to find some caches, the first was in a gorgeous park with ponds, little bridges, gazebos etc. The kind of place that thoughtful cachers choose to hide their little secrets. The second was near the cemetery not far from some graves, I think there might have been bad bushfires in 1990.

I headed back to Bridport to check out a Wildflower Sanctuary which was a bit disappointing but I certainly enjoyed the lunch I’d bought at the Baker’s in Scottsdale. The caches I found were all close to the beachfront and by the time I’d finished I needed to change into cooler clothes. I did a few more walks about the town before heading back to Barnbougle, by then it was 4 30. I thought Alex might be sunburnt but only the backs of his legs were red. They were also almost at the point of twitching too because he’d completed 2 rounds, 36 holes in a day! Both rounds he was able to play solo which pleased him.

After some recuperation time and nice showers we went over to the clubhouse for a meal in The Bistro. There were some very interesting trophies sitting on the big fireplace mantelpiece, my favourites were a real Crow, beautifully stuffed, and a big bone on a rough wooden backboard. I don’t know the stories behind the trophies but the bone one was for a women’s group. We had a very nice meal though not the lobster Alex was anticipating. Wallabies came out to feed in the tall grasses while we fed inside.

It was an excellent day for both of us.

Responding to comments

Thanks to all of you who have left comments. I’m finding it too hard to reply but will get back to you in a couple of days when I can relax and do it. It’s an absolutely beautiful day here so I’m going to upload some Geocaches and then set off on some searches. 🙂

Freycinet to Barnbougle

The sun came up and we got up, very quietly since all the other campers were sleeping. We managed to be all packed up before the Baker’s was even open so then we had a walk along the beach. There are oyster and abalone shells all along the beach and the ducks were out dabbling in the seawater again. Breakfast was at the Baker’s Shop.

Not far north of Cole Bay is a wetlands and sanctuary called, “The Moulting Lagoon Game Reserve” and having walked into it I can only say the name is apt, there were heaps of feathers all about. An Egret was standing at the water’s edge when we arrived but immediately took off and all the black swans moved away from the shoreline. There wasn’t much for us to see but I’m sure it would be very different during the breeding season when flocks of other birds arrive.

We still haven’t seen a Tasmanian Devil but we did see a Peacock today, I think she was an escapee. Why are they always called Peacocks? No-one ever says Peahen but it wasn’t a male.

St Helen’s was an interesting place with a busy wharf. We walked along the jetty and noticed various people working on their boats, many of which had stacks of cray pots on deck. Two men were working on a boat engine, one was operating a winch and the other had his head below deck in the workings. We walked to the end of the jetty then came back and when we were level with the boat with the faulty engine there was a bellow of, “You useless f…… piece of s……..”. The winch man caught my eye so I said, “It’s not going well then?” He grinned and said, “No, it’s not going well.” The Geriatric Geezer thinks I’m lucky the man below didn’t hear me or I would have scored a double dose of expletives. (Later in the day we walked along the Bridport wharf but decided it was probably wise not to go to the end where workers from the loaded sheep carrier were talking with other boatmen.)

I realized today that I only had my hikers’ boots accessible, all my other shoes are stashed under the bed in the camper which we weren’t going to open again until we got home. I didn’t think I’d be abIe to relax in the Golf Club dining room wearing hikers’ boots so I decided to look for some shoes in Scottsdale. There was a great shoe shop with a very friendly owner and the Geriatric Geezer excelled as a sales assistant. I bought some shoes and am relieved we don’t have to reopen the camper.

I think the Geriatric Geezer is in Golfers’ Nirvana, he’s booked in for a round on Barnbougle Golf Course starting at 7:20 but will be out pottering long before that. I’m going to enjoy the comfort of our cabin then go in to Bridport. There are walking tracks and a wildflower sanctuary so I’ll enjoy those. I might go back to Scottsdale to the Library which has WiFi, I’m having no luck connecting here even though it’s available and the Library in Bridport is closed on Thursdays! Before we go away again I’m going to get a tablet so I don’t have to cope with text that leaps inexplicably from place to place and an Internet dongle so I don’t have to rely on anyone for Internet access…….. or I could give up blogging and just veg out!