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Temporary Tourist – Henley Beach

Henley Beach is an area very familiar to me so it was nice to go there today to see if things have changed much over the years.

We started our walk close to “The Breakout” where the River Torrens enters the sea.

View from the parking area near “The Breakout”.

I went down onto the sand while those with tricky knees stayed on the hard surface.

Back at “The Breakout” some Pelicans were on display.

Driving back home there was an unnerving sight ahead of us.

Fire in the hills just above the city.

Luckily it turned out to be a “prescribed burn”, one carried out to clear highly flammable vegetation before Summer.

Temporary Tourist – Shepherd’s Hill Recreation Park

We didn’t need to drive at all to reach the Park, we’re close enough to walk the short distance from home to an entry point.

It was a lovely sunny day, I don’t know why more people weren’t in the Park. We only saw a few cyclists having fun on the various tracks …I’m not sure if the cyclists we saw trudging up the Ridge Track with their bikes beside them were still having fun.

Although it’s difficult to see in the photos the sea was two shades of blue and looked very calm. The Park is a lovely, peaceful place to walk and recharge your batteries.


Temporary Tourist – Back Home

Click on an image for the full caption and a larger photo.

My day started with a lovely sunrise.

After packing up and taking photos we were ready to head for home.

Time for goodbyes.

Our stop at Renmark was a little longer this time.

After Renmark it was time for a little play at the Monash Adventure Playground. It’s very different from the original which was designed probably more for adults than kids, but insurance costs etc has made such an Adventure Park impossible these days. For those who never experienced the original this is a fun place to play for a while.

There was a mini-stop at Loxton so I could get some photos of the pole sculptures.

On to Karoonda for something to eat before we investigated the Pioneer Village.

And now we’re back home again.